Lavinia Lapidis

“My dog Jodie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, had keyhole surgery to both of her elbows due to severe arthritis.

She is 10 years old and the operation really took it out of her. Her rehabilitation was extremely slow and she would often stumble when walking despite the operation being successful. I then discovered Fiona. She came and assessed Jodie and started working on her straight away. Fiona’s sessions with Jodie were intense which involved deep tissue massage, movement of the joints and helping the muscles to re-establish themselves and redevelop as they had wasted away. Jodie loved her sessions with Fiona and she was at ease with her from the start. Jodie was often very energetic and sprightly afterwards. Fiona’s passion is clear in her work and her love for animals shines through. I was at a loss after Jodie’s operation and thought she would never fully recover. However, after 6 months of treatment with Fiona, Jodie has a new lease of life and I have not seen her so agile for years. Thanks Fiona for bringing Jodie back to me.”